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A very busy month kicked off in style with some of our seniors taking to the mat at the Strathkelvin Open. There were eight members in total from Edinburgh Judo competing at the event, three players hadn’t competed in many years so it was a great experience for their return to competition and for others, it was their first competition.

With a supportive team of other members behind them throughout the day, everyone had a great laugh and a good time from start to finish. Well done everyone!


Murray P - Gold 🥇

Eni D - Bronze 🥉

Jamie M- Gold 🥇

George C - Silver 🥈


It was wonderful to have Dr. Kamitani, 6th Dan (doctor to the Japanese Olympic team over several Olympic cycles & orthopaedic surgeon) and Dr. Akiyama (senior doctor to the Japanese Olympic team over many cycles and a specialist cardiovascular surgeon) attend our Friday session and to see our classes, philosophy and students.

Dr. Kamitani collected data from around 30 young students, plus our coaches, for his research into mouth guards for judo to protect against concussion. After his visit, he had this to say,

“I felt that the difference between Japan and Edinburgh Judo was that several sessions were organised so that a wide range of people could practice judo. I was initially surprised by this, as in Japan there is usually only one evening session. I was also impressed by the training menu's consideration for injuries. The training menu focused on safety, and people of all ages seemed to be having fun practising, I felt the greatness of Billy's judo philosophy.

During my visit, I asked everyone questions about concussions. I haven't analysed the survey yet, so I don't know the results. Once I have organised the data, I would like to share it with you all. Head injuries have recently become a hot topic in the judo world (and the sporting world in general). The reason for this is often insufficient passive technique. I would like everyone to be very careful.

Edinburgh is a very beautiful and truly wonderful city. I felt that it might be similar to Kyoto in Japan. Please come to Japan. We'll be expecting you.”

Dr. (Takeshi) Kamitani also practised with a number of our players during his visit. It’s safe to say, as a 6th Dan left-hander and a great technical player, he caused some damage! Thank you again for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again!


Six Edinburgh Judo players took to the tatami at the British Judo Schools Championships, experiencing 18 contests among them. For some players, this was a big step out of their comfort zone, and for others, a significant test against stronger opponents.

Everyone gained experience and came away with something to work towards from the event. For some, it may not have necessarily been the result they wanted or had worked for, but they walked away knowing that there’s always room for improvement. Onwards and upwards to the next block of learning, growing and developing as judo players and as people!


Elaine F - Bronze 🥉

Evan L - Bronze 🥉

Ethan W - Gold 🥇


Some of our development squad members had a great day testing their skills at the Focus Judo rumble down in Galashiels alongside some members of PeeblesJudo!

A big well done to all the youngsters who courageously stepped out onto the mat, and thank you to Coach Craig for supporting everyone at the event. We’re looking forward to gaining more experience, having fun and making memories at the Bonsai Kyoso Open in April.


Antoni 🥇

Nina 🥇

Finn 🥈

Kieran 🥉

Martin 🥉


A group of our seniors made the long drive down to Cardiff for the annual PSUK judo training weekend. This event hosts a mix of technical and randori sessions, which were led this year by guest coach Luke Preston (head coach of Camberley Judo Club and former Welsh national competitor), and a competitive grading for those looking for points towards their next Dan grade.

A big well done to Finn T who gained the last of his required points towards his 1st Dan at the grading - just the theory to go now to officially receive his black belt.

Thank you to PSUK for another great weekend for our players, we are already looking forward to next year!


It was great to see some of our players build upon their personal development by attending the UKCC Level 1 Coaching course at the National Training Centre in Ratho.

This day of learning was the first step on each of their coaching journeys, and now the group will take what they learned forward and put the time into planning and executing their judo sessions, before completing the other required certificates and training to gain their Level 1 qualification.

Always great to see players giving back to the sport, well done everyone!


A big congratulations to EdinburghJudo’s newest 1st Dan, Ethan, after he completed his lineup at the JudoScotland National Kyu and Dan Grading in Ravenscraig! Both Aidan and Gregorz also won their lineups with some lovely judo, the guys now need to complete their theory examinations before we see them on the mat with their new belts.

Great efforts from Archie, Ash, Dan, Evan, Josh, Kirsty and Patrick who gained both points and valuable experience on their journeys to becoming black belts. Thank you to JudoScotland for hosting the event, and to everyone who came out to show their support.

What a way to round off the month!


As we head into April, we still have spaces left on our upcoming Easter kids camp. If you would like to book a space for your child, please get in touch or click the button below!

Also, please note that for the duration of the school holidays, our 4pm class (4-7 year olds) will be merged with the 4:45pm class (8-11 year olds) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Until the next round up,

The EdinburghJudo Team ⛩️


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